Winterizing your pool is a snap With Our Snap-on Skimmer

In 1959, Frank and Joan Hodak started and ran a successful swimming pool business in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Some years later, in 1990, Frank came up with the genius idea of an original snap-on pool skimmer closure system. He was granted U.S. patent no. 5,285,538 for this product, the Aquador, in 1992.

Initially, there was only one Aquador model, The 1090, because of its popularity. Today, there are eight different models, and for every model, we have full sets (lid and faceplate), along with replacement lids, faceplates, and liner kits, which are all sold worldwide.

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Available for Purchase Worldwide

As a one-of-a-kind company, Aquador strives to offer unique products the world needs. Whether you are winterizing your pool or repairing your pump or filter, Aquador is the product for you.

For your buying convenience, Aquador products are available for purchase around the world at various distributors, wholesalers, big box stores, and local dealers, as well as online.


Facts About Aquador

  • Guaranteed to be leak-free. Just as it has always been, no glue or other harmful silicone sealant is needed!
  • Commercial grade faceplates are made of space-age UV and chemical-resistant plastic, which can withstand down to –80° F to eliminate cracking.
  • Lid covers screw on faceplates to prevent strong winterizing chemicals from rusting screws.
  • Rounded lid corners prevent ice formation from causing lid pop-off.
  • Sure-grip thumb tab to remove the lid, in contrast to other attempts with thin rings that break.
  • Reinforced inner peripheral ridge on face frame to prevent cracking due to screw tension.
  • Recessed screw holes for a flush fit.
  • Because of non-shrinking space-age plastic, no need to tighten screws on the skimmer or return.
  • We offer products for all eight OEM skimmer sizes.
  • Real tile installs flush with our face frames for a smoother, cleaner look.
  • A flexible domed lid allows for ice expansion and contraction, which prevents ice adhesion lid pop-off, unlike other failed inferior brands that sell on the inner face frame rather than the outer.
  • Copycat warning! Beware of imitating and inferior products! These knockoffs constantly leak, which requires the use of unsafe and toxic chemicals to attach the lid.